WORX WG430 mulcher

  • A product that has flex-a-line bladeless mulching
  • It offers a great mulch efficiency, meaning 53 gallons per minute
  • There is no risk when you assemble it, it has easy convenient storage
  • The 11:1 mulch ratio is just what you need
  • 13 amp electric motor


The WORX WG430 Leaf Mulcher is a compost shredder device that performs multiple functions, allowing you to get rid of a problem that’s encountered every year in most gardens. It will reduce the piles of leaves to a reasonable volume that can be disposed or re-used according to your needs. The machine can be maneuvered easily with a single over sized ON/OFF button, converting everything you throw at it into a compost that’s rich in vitamins and minerals. As I said in a previous post, the resulted organic mulch works great as a natural fertilizer for your patch or flower garden. The WORX WG430 13 amp Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder uses a bladeless mulching system, a durable lawn neater line, as an alternative to the hazardous metallic blades that are commonly used in such devices. This leaf mulcher is easy to use, safe and it will handle the leaves and debris in no time.


Mulching the greeneries with an old-fashioned leaf shredder/mulcher powered by gas can become annoying for your neighbors and bad for the environment. Let’s not forget that gas-powered devices are usually noisy and they release noxious emissions in the air. Mercifully, if you decide to buy the WORX WG430 Leaf Mulcher you don’t really have to think about that. This gardening is all “green”. The compost shredder has a potent 13 Amp engine that brings 8,500 RPMs. That’s a lot of power and it will shrink a bulk of lifeless verdures and branches to a ratio of 1/11th of its initial size. You can mulch dry or wet leaves, but remember not to feed it faster than it can eat, or it will probably clog. That’s the only con reported by other users.

WORX WG430 13 amp Electric Leaf Mulcher Shredder Review

In other words, every time you use this mulching device, you will have to use 1 garbage bag for every 11 eleven bags of dead leaves and debris that’s mulched. The 13-inch cut diameter mouth of this machine allows you to mulch up to 53 gallons of dead leaves and debris per minute. This Worx mulcher has a compact design, weighting no more than 20 pounds. It can be easily disassembled to a reduced volume for convenient off-season storage. Beside all these features, the WG430 has its own clean-air motor cooling system that reduces the dust created when you mulch leaves.

For additional accessibility, the leaf mulcher’s safe Flex-a-Line bladeless system is easy to access, allowing you to replace the cutting line (in you need to) without having special electric knowledge. The bag holder accepts any type of bags, paper of plastic.